Pan Fried Mallard with Orange Sauce

Quick to make and simple too, this is an ideal weeknight treat.


Prep Time
25 mins

Cook Time
30 mins

The sweet and slightly acidic orange sauce perfectly balances the flavour of the wild duck, and with final flourishes like fennel slices and orange segments it looks as impressive as it tastes. For a dinner party, just double the quantities.


Serving 2
  For the game
2x Mallard breasts
  For the carrot puree
4x Large carrots
50g Butter
100ml Orange juice
20ml Double cream
  For the sauce
100g Granulated sugar
100ml Sherry vinegar
200ml Orange juice
300ml Reduced chicken stock
1x Orange, split into segments
1tsp Marmite
1x Fennel bulb, sliced


Frying pan

1. Season the mallard

Season the mallard breasts and place them skin side down in a cold pan.

2. Pan fry the mallard

Turn the hob to a medium heat and warm up the mallard breasts in the pan. This helps to draw out the fat.

Keep cooking in the pan until the skin begins to crisp, discarding the fat as you go, then transfer the mallard to a hot oven and roast for 8 minutes at 180 degrees. Once ready, leave to rest.

3. Prepare the carrot puree

While the mallard is cooking, peel and slice the carrots and heat with 50g of butter. Add 100ml of the orange juice and the double cream then simmer until the carrots are soft.

Puree the carrot mixture in a food blender and season with a touch of salt.

4. Make the orange sauce

Reduce the remaining orange juice and chicken stock over a low heat until there’s about 200ml left.

Add the sugar, marmite and sherry vinegar. This makes the sauce slightly sweet and acidic, which goes perfectly with the flavour of the Mallard.

5. Serve

Cut each mallard into 5 slices. Place a spoonful of carrot puree in the centre of each plate, rest the meat on top and arrange the orange segments around the edge.

Spoon over a generous helping of sauce and finish with slices of fennel.


Protein (g/100g)


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