Mallard Arancini with Mushroom Sauce


Prep Time
30 mins

Cook Time
4 hrs 20 mins

These deep-fried mallard and risotto balls make an irresistible starter. Treat someone special as part of a romantic 3-course dinner, or bump up the quantities and share them around with small bowls of velvety mushroom sauce set out ready for dipping.


Serving 2
  For the Mallard
4x Mallard duck legs
x3 Cloves of garlic
50g Fresh thyme
200ml Rapeseed oil
  For the arancini
250g Risotto rice
2x Banana shallots
500ml Chicken stock
100g Panko breadcrumbs
3x Eggs
100g Plain flour
15ml Truffle oil
Vegetable oil, for frying
  For the sauce
500g Chestnut mushrooms
50g Unsalted butter
250ml Chicken stock
150ml Double cream


Oven proof dish
3 mixing bowls
2 medium sauce pans
Frying pan
Slotted spoon
Serving plate or boards

1. Prepare the mallard legs

Dry the mallard legs and place in a deep oven-proof dish. Cover with the rapeseed oil then add the thyme and garlic.

2. Slow cook the Mallard

Slow cook the mallard legs at 90 degrees for 4 hours. Allow to cool then shred the meat into a mixing bowl, being careful not to add sinew or bones. Cover and leave to one side.

3. Begin the arancini

To make the arancini, dice the shallots as small as you can and add them to a saucepan with a little oil. Add the 250g risotto rice and start cooking, moving the rice around to coat it in the oil and lightly toast the grains.

4. Add stock

Slowly add the warm chicken stock 100ml at a time. You want the rice to be a little firm, as you’ll finish cooking it once you’ve formed the risotto balls.

5. Mix arancini ingredients

Once the rice is cooked enough for the arancini, add the confit mallard and truffle oil and mix well, then set aside to cool down.

6. Make the sauce

To make the mushroom sauce, slice the chestnut mushrooms and fry them with the butter. Once soft, add 250ml of chicken stock and 150 ml of double cream then reduce until the mixture is creamy and sticky. Pour into a blender and blitz until smooth.

7. Prepare arancini coating

Crack 3 eggs into a bowl and place 100g of breadcrumbs in another.

8. Roll the arancini balls

Roll the arancini mix into 40g balls and dust them with the plain flour, making sure they’re fully coated. Dip each ball in the egg then roll in the breadcrumbs, again covering them completely.

9. Heat oil

Pour the vegetable oil into a deep, heavy-bottomed frying pan and put over a medium heat. Drop in a few breadcrumbs and, if they sizzle and float, the oil is ready.

10. Fry arancini balls

Use a slotted spoon to carefully four arancini at a time into the oil. Deep-fry for 8 minutes, or until golden and crispy. Transfer to a double layer of kitchen paper to drain.

11. Serve

Serve the arancini with the creamy mushroom sauce in a jug on the side, or in a bowl for dipping.


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