Eat Wild Launches Funding Initiative – Back British Game


Eat Wild, the development board for all wild meat in the UK, today launches its Back British Game initiative which sets out to ensure that game will be there for the next generation to enjoy.


Eat Wild is on a mission to introduce more people to the wonderful world of wild British meat. Their key focus is making wild meat a popular choice for a far wider audience; for the young and old, for those in the countryside, and for those in cities.


The Back British Game initiative is to help fund Eat Wild. People can donate through the Back British Game website, meaning Eat Wild can spread awareness of the benefits of British game through those that enjoy it today. With the help of the initiative, Eat Wild will create new markets and ensure a fully sustainable ‘circle of game’. If you Back British Game, you can register and donate here.


Working with the Aim to Sustain Assurance scheme, recently transferred from British Game Assurance (BGA), Eat Wild ensures that only wild meat that has been reared and handled to exceptionally high welfare and environmental standards is promoted. This not only helps producers to self-regulate but also gives consumers the reassurance that their food is good quality, sustainable, and ethical.


Dylan Williams, Eat Wild Board member said:

“Eat Wild has achieved remarkable success in the marketing of game over the last 5 years. Now, through the Back British Game initiative everyone in our community, be they stalkers, rough shooters or driven game shots has the opportunity to know they personally have helped get more game in people’s weekly shops, secured new markets and ensured that all feathered game and venison enter the food chain – a responsibility I am convinced every sportsman and woman will want to embrace and support, knowing the responsibility to achieve this is ours cand ours alone, and it can only be achieved through unanimous and collective support.”


Chris Horne, co-founder of GunsOnPegs, said:

“I love the approach of this new simple initiative. As a passionate game shot, I would love nothing more than to see game more widely consumed, and this is a vehicle to help us achieve that, which unites all game shots at once. The question is simple – do you back British game? And I’ve noticed that it can start by buying a t-shirt – lovely!”


Louisa Clutterbuck, CEO of Eat Wild, said

“If we want our grandchildren to enjoy eating, shooting, producing, selling, or working with game…we need to pay today or there will be no game tomorrow. Put simply, shooting cannot thrive without a market for the birds and deer we shoot. We need to invest in British game by raising the awareness of its benefits.

Over the last five years, we have introduced thousands of people to game via new commercial outlets, events, campaigns, new and exciting recipes, collaborations and communication across several social media channels. None of this work would have been possible without the donations we have received from guns and I want to express our thanks to every person who shoots, be it 10 birds or 200 in a season.

Your support is vital when it comes to Backing British Game as it will ensure that Eat Wild can continue to promote game as a high welfare, sustainable and free-range meat to new audiences and secure new markets in order to protect the future of shooting.”