Wild Garlic, Pheasant and Mushroom Stew


Prep Time
10 minutes

Cook Time
15 mins

A completely dairy and gluten free recipe, using foraged wild garlic and chestnut mushrooms for a delightfully healthy mid-week meal.


Serving 2
2 x Cooked Pheasant Breasts
230g x Mushrooms
1 tbsp x Rapeseed Oil
2 tbsp x Gluten Free Flour
200 ml x Oat Milk
1 Bunch x Wild Garlic
2 x Lemons Zest
Salt & Pepper

1. Heat up

the rapeseed oil in the pan then add the sliced mushrooms. Then add the flour and slowly pour in the oat milk in small increments stirring as you go to thicken up the sauce.

2. We removed

it from the heat and added the chopped wild garlic, salt and pepper then grated in the zest of two lemons.

3. Next return it

to the heat and add in the shredded cooked pheasant breast, heat all the way through, approx. 3 minutes, giving several good stirs to make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.

4. Serve

it on whatever you want, mash potato, pancakes, cauliflower rice. In our case we served it on brown basmati rice, topped with more wild garlic and pine nuts.


Protein (100g)


Calories (100g)


Fat (100g)


Cholesterol (100g)


Selenium (100g)


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