Game Pie with Mustard Mash


Prep Time
1 hr

Cook Time
1 hr

On a cool autumn evening, you can’t beat a steaming hot game pie with lashings of ale-rich gravy. It’s simpler than you might think to cook your own; we’ve used readymade pastry and pre-prepared confit mallard to make the whole thing even easier.


We’ve used a combination of mallard, pheasant and pigeon but if you can’t get hold of same of the game, you can substitute for more or less of whatever you have available.




Serving 5
  For the pie
2x Mallard breasts, diced
4x jars Confit mallard leg meat
2x Pheasant breasts
2x Pigeon breasts
4x White onions
Readymade puff pastry
1 pack Chestnut mushrooms
1 tbsp Redcurrant jelly
100g Plain flour
400ml Game stock
  For the mash
1kg Red skin potatoes
150ml Milk
85g Butter
1tbsp Wholegrain or Pommery mustard
  For the broccoli
1 pack Tender stem broccolli
Vegetable oil
  For the gravy
1x Bottle of any good ale
200ml Game stock
4tsp Gravy granules


Deep pie dish
3 Saucepans
Mixing bowl
2 Serving dishes
Gravy boat

1. Prepare the game

Dice all the game, but the mallard leg meat into 1 inch cubes.

2. Seal the meat

Coat the meat in seasoned flour and fry off until crisp and fully cooked. Place the meat in a pie dish.

3. Add onions and mushrooms

Slice the onions and fry them in a little oil until softened. Add the mushrooms and, when golden brown, tip the mushrooms and onions over the top of the meat.

4. Heat up stock

Heat up the game stock and add a little redcurrant jelly to sweeten before pouring over the pie mix. Leave the pie mix to cool and add the mallard leg meat.

5. Cover with pastry

Cover the whole pie dish with the pre-rolled pastry and brush the top with egg yolk.

6. Bake the pie

Bake for 40 minutes in an oven pre-heated to 180°C.

7. Prepare mash

While the pie’s in the oven, peel the red skin potatoes and boil until soft, then mash with the butter and milk.

8. Season mash

Add 1 tbsp of mustard, or more to taste. Season with salt and white pepper.

9. Prepare gravy

To make the gravy, pour the ale into a saucepan on a high heat and reduce it by half. Add the 200ml of game stock and thicken with the gravy granules.

10. Prepare broccoli

Finally, prepare the broccoli. Rub oil into the broccoli then drop into a very hot pan. Sear until it begins to wilt and slightly blister.

11. Serve up

Serve the pie as a centre piece alongside serving dishes of the mustard mash and broccoli. Finish with a big jug of your ale gravy.


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